NFL Coach Reveals His Team Discussed Pursuing Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Rob Carr

Amid all of the news this offseason about teams that aren’t interested in Lamar Jackson, there is one that has recently come under some extra scrutiny for their lack of interest in the former MVP

That team is the Atlanta Falcons and the reason for that scrutiny is quite simple.

The franchise pursued Deshaun Watson last year and was seemingly ready to give him a fully-guaranteed contract, but hasn’t gone after Jackson this offseason.

The team’s owner recently commented on the decision and pointed to the organization’s faith as Desmond Ridder as a reason why they aren’t actively pursuing the Baltimore Ravens quarterback.

Today, head coach Arthur Smith made on an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show and revealed that the pursuit of Jackson was that something that had at least been discussed within the franchise.

At least the Falcons bothered to discuss the idea.

Of all of the teams in the league who were assumed to be suitors for Jackson when he got the non-exclusive tag, the Falcons seemed like one of the teams that made the most sense for Jackson.

Desmond Ridder is currently expected to be the team’s starting QB and has only been in the league for a year, but that year saw him make 4 uninspiring starts.

The Falcons have the 8th pick in this year’s draft. That means they probably aren’t getting a QB in this year’s draft and if they do, it won’t be one they’re too excited about.

The best reason for them to not go after Jackson could just be that they are hoping to get Caleb Williams or Drake Maye next year.

For now though, all we know for sure is that they talked about pursuing Lamar Jackson and decided they were alright with Ridder for now.