The NFL Will Not Allow DeAngelo Williams To Wear Pink All Year To Honor His Mother Who Died Of Breast Cancer



In the month of October, every team in the NFL is being made to wear something pink for breast cancer awareness month. But if a player wants to raise awareness for breast cancer after October they are shit out of luck.

Yesterday, the NFL told Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams that he was not allowed to wear pink cleats all season to honor his mother who died of breast cancer in 2014.


Here is Williams in an NFL sponsored PSA talking about losing close family members to breast cancer and explaining why he wants to wear pink year round.


My hair is pink, my heart is pink. Pink is not a color it’s a culture to me. To all the survivors and all those going through it, we love you. You’re not alone, we will continue this fight against breast cancer

It’s pretty incredible how the NFL always gets it wrong with this type of stuff. Shame on them.