Here’s Our Official NFL Draft 2015 Drinking Game


Jerry Lai/USA Today Sports

After many, many months of mock drafts, the actual NFL draft begins tonight in Chicago. The fans lucky enough to be in attendance will be overserved and booing. You can do the same with the help of our handy drinking game. Bottom’s up.

Here’s our official NFL Draft 2015 drinking game:

One drink for any:

  • Use of the word “upside”
  • Use of the word “potential”
  • Time a commentator suggests picking for value not need
  • Non-skilled position player drafted
  • Comparison of a drafted player to a player already in the league
  • Trade
  • Mention of last year’s quarterback class
  • Time a team makes a pick in under three minutes
  • Remote shot of Jameis Winston
  • Mention of Marcus Mariota never lining up under center

Two drinks for any:

  • Reference to a player’s performance at the combine
  • Audible cry from a drunk in the balcony
  • Pick after 10 in which Shane Ray isn’t selected
  • Time character issues are mentioned
  • Discussion of Kevin White’s breakaway speed
  • Non-FBS is player drafted
  • SEC player taken
  • Commercial break
  • Skill position player taken
  • Time a media member tweets the pick before it’s announced
  • Time a player’s legal troubles are referenced

Three drinks for any:

  • Mention of a player’s “closing speed”
  • Discussing of a quarterback’s offensive system
  • Suit that isn’t black, brown or blue
  • Jon Gruden Grudenism
  • You recognize a player selected after the fifth round
  • Bill Belichick tradedown
  • Time Jerry Jones actually shows restraint
  • Jets fan in attendance

Four drinks for any:

  • Claim that a player is a “coach on the field”
  • Soon-to-be dumped WAG at draftee’s side
  • Time an offensive or defensive end is referred to as a “bookend”
  • Time a team does not get their pick in on time
  • Time you want to mute Chris Berman (good luck with that)
  • Player drinking

Five drinks for any:

  • Time Mel Kiper’s hair is out of place
  • Ivy League player selected
  • Time it ends
  • Time you realize your team drafted Randy Gregory

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