NFL Executive Troy Vincent Addresses Packers-Lions Officiating Controversy , Admits Ref Made Error


The NFL has finally commented on the Monday night’s officiating controversy that has angered fans.

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Lions and the Packers defensive end Trey Flowers was called for two phantom hands to the face penalties in the fourth quarter that helped the Packers overcome a 13 point deficit.

After the game, Flowers spoke to the media and disagreed with the calls on the field.

Via Detroit Free Press

““I didn’t think hands to the chest was a penalty,” “I thought hands to the face, but I had him right here in the chest. The second time I changed it to right here [another spot on the chest]. That’s part of a move that I do and, yeah. So, nah, I don’t think that was a penalty, but they did, so . . .

“They saw something different than what actually happened and they called what they thought they saw. I was doing it all game. I didn’t know that was a flag to the chest, so I could change it to [another spot on the collar]. They called it again.”

Today, while at the owners meeting in Florida, NFL VP of Operations Troy Vincent admitted refs made an error on the second hands to the face call in the fourth quarter.

Refs are going to need to be held accountable if they continue to be making the difference in game

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