NFL Fans Blast ESPN’s Adam Schefter After He Revealed That He Chose To Release The Aaron Rodgers News On Draft Day After Sitting On It For Months

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter pissed off NFL fans are he revealed the reason why he broke the Aaron Rodgers story the way that he did.

Last week, Schefter nearly broke Twitter hours before the start of the NFL draft when he dropped a bombshell report on how Rodgers was disgruntled with the Packers and had told some people within the organization that he didn’t want to return to Green Bay.

On Thursday morning Schefter was asked how he came about the Rodgers’ story during an appearance on the Dan Patrick show. According to Schefter, no one leaked the story to him but his report was an “accumulation of information” he had gathered for months that he chose to release on draft day.

NFL fans immediately criticized Schefter for causing a ton of drama on draft day when he could have released the report on any other day.