NFL Fans Mock New Eagles HC Nick Sirianni After His Extremely Awkward Introductory Press Conference Goes Viral

Eagles newly hired head coach Nick Sirianni has had a rough first week on the job.

Earlier this week after Sirianni was named head coach of the team an anonymous source immediately took a shot at him by saying he was “not super smart” and would likely end up being a “B-level coach” in the league.

Via Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McClane

From an NFL source familiar w/ Sirianni’s credentials as a HC:

“Good guy, solid candidate. Fairly smart but not super smart. Concern is he is likely to top out at a B-level coach for team that is in the mix to make the playoffs, but not a real SB chance. Low drama, even keel.”

Sirianni didn’t do himself any favors during his introductory press conference on Friday. While speaking to the media for the first time has the Eagles new head coach, Sirianni awkwardly stumbled while explaining how he was going to build a smart football team by simplifying the offense.

Sirianni was instantly mocked by NFL fans after press conference clip went viral.