NFL Fans And Players Share Some Hilarious Ideas For Pro Bowl Alternatives

NFL Fans, Players Share Hilarious Ideas For Pro Bowl Alternatives

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  • The NFL is considering ditching the Pro Bowl and putting something else in its place.
  • NFL fans and players had some interesting suggestions, including the QB skills competition.
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The NFL Pro Bowl Game is always an afterthought. The weekend after the conference championship games and before the Super Bowl, the league decided to sandwich in the Pro Bowl Game.

As such, the game has become something that people overlook and tend not to focus on. Even when the game was played the week after the Super Bowl, it was still a miss regarding viewership, fan interest, and even player interest.

This year, the Pro Bowl again featured no tackling, prompting some to say it was a game of two-hand touch and making it even more boring.

The NFL has decided to consider removing the game altogether or pitching some other idea to give those players some exposure.

The discussion has been lively, and both players and fans have pitched some rather interesting proposals — most of which would be more entertaining than the game itself.

NFL fans and players have some rather fun ideas

There are a lot of different directions the NFL can decide to go in, and Melvin Gordon and Chad Ochocinco tossed out some thoughts.

Others are itching and begging for the throwing competition to return as well. Can you imagine Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Josh Allen throwing deep bombs?

The ideas kept flooding in, and some of these are actually genius.

The ideas are brewing, and the consensus seems to want the QB skills competition back for starters. That would be fun.

Nonetheless, it is refreshing to see the NFL considering ditching the game and replacing it with something more entertaining for both parties.