NFL Fans React After Saints Rookie Trevor Penning Gets Kicked Out Of Practice For Starting Fights

NFL Fans React After Trevor Penning Gets Kicked Out Of Practice

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NFL training camp is in full force, and the first preseason games are right around the corner. There have been plenty of storylines, with extensions being given out, devastating injuries, and even fights during practice.

One developing story is regarding New Orleans Saints rookie offensive tackle Trevor Penning. The former Northern Iowa star has been quite the story in New Orleans, and not for a good reason.

Penning has been causing fights during practice. On August 1, Penning got into it with Payton Turner.

A day later, Penning got into it with a couple of other teammates.

Then, the final straw came on Wednesday. During Wednesday’s practice session, Penning again started a fight and then got kicked out of practice altogether.

NFL fans have mixed reactions to this. On the one hand, the aggressiveness of Trevor Penning is a good sign. However, there might be a lot of penalties going against Penning if he can’t learn to contain himself.

Penning’s raw athletic ability sent him flying up draft boards, and the Saints selected him with the No. 19 overall choice in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Nonetheless, J.T. Gray, who Penning got into a scuffle with on Tuesday, was honest about the situation.

Still, if he keeps doing things like this during practice, he might not see much playing time during the season.