NFL World Erupts After Watching Geno Smith Surprisingly Dice Up The Broncos Defense

NFL World Erupts After Geno Smith Surprisingly Dice Up The Broncos

Getty Image / Steph Chambers

The Seattle Seahawks are taking on the Denver Broncos in the first Monday Night Football matchup. Surprisingly enough, Geno Smith has looked phenomenal so far while Russell Wilson receives continuous, and uncalled for, boos. However, the NFL world lost its mind after Smith got off to a hot start to begin the game.

NFL World Reacts To Geno Smith Dicing Up The Broncos Defense

Even Peyton and Eli Manning were pleasently surprised by Geno Smith’s touchdown. The two NFL legends were just as dumbfounded by Smith’s amazing play on the opening drive as we were. He’s looked great for the Seahawks so far and everyone is freaking out about it.

Pat McAfee explains his reaction to Geno Smith with a subtle GIF.

Even the Seahawks social media team was taken aback by that touchdown.

He got that dawg in him.

Yeah. What’s going on with Denver?

Are we in the Twilight Zone?

We’ll see how the rest of this game plays out. The Seahawks were able to maintain a lead entering the second quarter, as they’re up 7-3. If Geno Smith keeps playing like this though, the NFL world is going to go absolutely bonkers.

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