NFL Fashion Review Week 4: Zeke And Dak Made Quite The Pair

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After just four weeks into the NFL season, shit got real. The Titans game got canceled and then there was the Cam news. So yeah, not a great weekend. But there were some highlights, like the Browns kicking the Cowboys collective dicks off and Tom Brady returning to the glory that is Tom Brady.

But let’s not get crazy. Please. I mean, come on. Would love to see it but nah, man.

Let’s get back to reality and celebrate the aforementioned glory.

And even more glorious was the fact that the Thursday night game turned out to be a shootout. Amazingly enough, the Jets and the Broncos — who had Brett Rypien slinging it — actually delivered.

Not exactly how the NFL drew it up, but whatever works.

So as noted last week, this was the final week before the always dreaded BYE SZN. Very sad!

But that’s enough of that chatter. Without further ado — whether it’s fire, fierce, funny or fail — let’s get this shit crackin’ like when The Rock layeth down the smackin’.

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Aaron Jones

The sombrero king and what looks like a smiley “Wu” logo. This man is an unheralded genius.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Cleveland Browns-branded headphones and a suit that I’d give my life for. Well done, OBJ.

Billy Turner

There’s one word for this getup from the usually great Billy Turner and it’s NOPE.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones and a long history of staring at his phone. Dude must have so many sidepieces it would even make Ric Flair blush.

Jamaal Williams

The tie-dye style is making a huge comeback and it’s very hard to say I don’t hate it.

DeAndre Hopkins

As is always the thing, DeAndre Hopkins cannot lose. No, but really, this is killer. And his caption:

Don’t be the Parrot who talk much but can’t fly. Be the Eagle who say less and conquer the Sky!

I will now be screaming this from rooftop to rooftop.

Kyler Murray

These floral print shirts are becoming all the rage and I can’t stress enough how much I love them.

Lamar Jackson

The only thing saving this photo is the pair of SB Dunks in the background.

Stefon Diggs

“Midnight Seduction” hat? This could mean so many things and not one of them is bad. Standing ovation.

Jonathan Taylor?

I know who Niners legend John Taylor is but had no idea on earth who Jonathan Taylor was. Talk about an arrival! As someone aptly pointed out in the comments, even the drink matches the suit.

Dak & Zeke

I rarely use phrases like this to describe a FIT but wow, what a drip. It’s still summer with these two and they’re playing like it too.

Joe Burrow

You could give me a three-hour explanation on this suit and there’s not a chance I would ever understand it.

Laremy Tunsil

This is so good it has to be seen twice. What a great spirit.

Trevon Diggs

The Cowboys rookie is looking every bit of the part of being a rookie. Yikes!

David Johnson

All I know is what I know and Gentleman’s Playbook is on one hell of a hot streak.

Darius Slay

Any nod to Kobe is a great one. Especially when it includes his original No. 8.

Bradley Chubb

Like I said, sizzling streak. Unsustainable.

Matt Ryan

The Falcons have a separate “fits” page exclusively to showcase fits and this is still the last “fit.”  Maybe it’s because Merrill Lynch Matty is just that damn good.

Takkarist McKinley

Meanwhile, on their main account, the Falcons have fire like this. Confusing approach, to say the least.

Malik Reed

Lots of new names this week. Hard to deny a jacket like this though. Sheesh.

Stephon Gilmore

Everything OK, Stephon?

Julian Edelman

Man, whoever chooses these freeze-frames deserves an award because it’s making this job very easy. Love ya’, Jules.

Brian Hoyer

OK, the question must be asked: What are they feeding the 2020 Patriots? Because it can’t be an upper.

Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians is a king and I will not be told otherwise.

Kyle Rudolph

Never thought I would be able to place Kyle Rudolph and Walter White in the same sentence. Alas, we are here.

Tom Brady

Tommy debuting an A+ dye job and a TB12-branded hoodie. So on brand it hurts.

Russell Wilson

While normally I’d make a comment on Russ’s ill-fitting jacket, I’m too perplexed by the comment that reads: “That’s not Russel Wilson, that’s Mr. Steal Your Girl!” And it got 50 likes. In what world is that funny?

Some Viking

Not a clue who this is but absolutely worth sharing. Wish it was Kirk Cousins. Sadly, it is not.

Tajae Sharpe

He’s the one in the purple and I cannot say enough about how incredible that suit is.

DK Metcalf

Oakley Blades and pink pants? That’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

Eric Kendricks

A Ferrari t-shirt and Air Jordan IIs? Underrated, unappreciated sneaker. I’ll take a dozen.

Jordan Phillips

As soon as we’re done here I’m 100% getting a No. 97 chain and a half-hoodie.

Nick Gates

Backwards Hat Guy. Shocking revelation from a guy named Nick.

Chandler Jones

Boring. No all-world linebacker should ever be spotted wearing skinny jeans.

Mario Addison

Just an outrageously good pair of cleats from Bills defensive end Mario Addison. And a perfect way to end this installment.