Entertaining New ‘Gameday Calculator’ Shows How Much It Really Costs To See A Live NFL Game

Ever wonder which NFL teams are the most and least expensive to watch live? Well, thanks to a new OnlineGambling.com “Gameday Calculator” you can now find out how much to expect to spend at all of the different NFL stadiums around the country.

This new online tool for NFL fans draws on a considerable amount of data and compares the cost of everything from tickets, parking, soda, beer, hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, jerseys, t-shirts, hats and more for each team.

Some key findings…

• The New England Patriots have the most expensive standard ticket costing $549.

• The Cincinnati Bengals standard ticket costs just $94, the cheapest in the NFL.

• A premium ticket at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game costs a whopping $3,016.

• A parking spot at a Minnesota Vikings game will run you $100.

Here are the various ticket prices for all 32 teams in the NFL…

And here’s how much you can expect to spend at NFL stadiums to watch a game live if you buy two standard tickets, park in a remote lot, drink four beers, four hot dogs, two plates of nachos, and a team hat…

New England Patriots: $1,255
• Seattle Seahawks: $1,021
Philadelphia Eagles: $984
• Chicago Bears: $884
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $813
• Denver Broncos: $810
Green Bay Packers: $803
Pittsburgh Steelers: $753
• Carolina Panthers: $741
• New York Giants: $717
• Tennessee Titans: $704
• Kansas City Chiefs: $703
Oakland Raiders: $672
Dallas Cowboys: $656

NFL Gameday Calculator Cost Watch Live


• Minnesota Vikings: $651
• Washington Redskins: $649
Los Angeles Chargers: $589
Miami Dolphins: $556
• San Francisco 49ers: $541
• New Orleans Saints: $509
• Atlanta Falcons: $477
• Baltimore Ravens: $466
• New York Jets: $449
Detroit Lions: $445
Los Angeles Rams: $440
• Arizona Cardinals: $434
• Buffalo Bills: $407
• Jacksonville Jaguars: $390
Houston Texans: $353
• Indianapolis Colts: $349
Cleveland Browns: $349
• Cincinnati Bengals: $319

NFL Gameday Calculator Cost Watch Live


For additional pricing, including premium or cheap seats, premium or no parking, and more or less in concessions and souvenirs, just use the Gameday Calculator here.

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