NFL General Manager Believes The 2023 Class ‘Sucks’

NFL Draft

David Becker/Getty Images

In a surprising revelation, several NFL general managers have expressed their disappointment with the 2023 NFL Draft, stating that it is lacking in top-tier talent.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, one general manager remarked, “If you have 15 first-round grades, then a class sucks,” and added, “and I got less than 15 this year.”

These comments by the general managers have raised eyebrows among football enthusiasts, given that the draft is widely considered as one of the most important events for NFL teams, as it allows them to replenish their rosters with young, promising players.

Another general manager, who was not named, said, “I think next year’s top five would be this year’s top five.” This suggests that the general consensus among the managers is that the 2023 class is better than the 2022 class.

So what is it about this year’s draft class that has people feeling underwhelmed? One major factor is the lack of dominant quarterback prospects. While there are some talented quarterbacks available, none of them are without major flaws, which makes it difficult for teams to feel confident in selecting them in the first round. This has led some teams to consider trading down in the draft or waiting until later rounds to select a quarterback.

Another issue with this year’s draft class is the lack of a completely dominant defensive player. While there are some standout defensive prospects, there is no one player who is a clear-cut favorite to be the top pick. This makes it difficult for teams to know who to target and can lead to more unpredictable drafting.

Finally, there is a lack of big play wide receivers in this year’s draft class. While there are some solid options available, there is no one player who is expected to be a game-changer at the wide receiver position. This makes it difficult for teams who are in need of a big-play receiver to find one in the draft.

While it is still early in the draft process, the concerns raised by the general managers suggest that the 2023 draft class may not live up to expectations. This could have significant implications for the teams looking to rebuild or restock their rosters, as they may not be able to find the caliber of talent that they need.

It is worth noting that the opinions expressed by the general managers are just that – opinions. There is no guarantee that their assessments of the 2023 draft class will prove to be accurate. However, given the importance of the draft to the success of NFL teams, the concerns raised by the managers are certainly worth paying attention to.

Overall, while there are certainly talented players available in the 2023 NFL Draft, it seems that the draft class as a whole is not quite up to the same level as previous years. With next year’s draft class already generating buzz, it will be interesting to see how teams approach this year’s draft and what kind of impact the players selected will have on the league.