The NFL Is Investigating Rob Gronkowski’s Party Cruise For Possible League Policy Violations

Rob Gronkowski might be in a bit of trouble with the NFL over his party cruise.

Gronk’s four-day cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line included an on-board casino known as “Casinos at Sea” which would be a violation of the league’s gambling policy.

Gronk’s cruise became a subject in the lawsuit brought on by the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who claimed the NFL closed his event last year in Las Vegas due to concerns about its proximity to gambling activities at a casino.

It’s pretty hilarious that the league is perfectly fine with Gronk slapping girl’s asses in public or offering couples to “bang in front of a crowd for $10k” but a little offshore gambling crosses the line.

Update: The NFL says it is not investigating Gronk’s party cruise.

No matter what the league finds in their investigation, they can’t stop the Gronk.