NFL Hall Of Famer Richard Dent Says He ‘Would Have Knocked Cam Newton’s Ass’ Out Of The Game For Dancing After TDs

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been dabbing and dancing all over teams in the end zone this season.

Yesterday, Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent shared his thoughts about Cam’s endzone dancing.

Via USA Today:

It’s disrespect,” Dent, a key member of the 1985 Chicago Bears, told Bell.

Had the two played against each other, Dent would not have reacted kindly to Newton’s antics.

“I’m going to knock your ass out of the game. That would’ve been my approach,” Dent said. “At some point in the game – not with a cheap shot – I’m going to try to get a shot that puts you out for the day. That’s the risk when you want to showboat all the time.”

“His head is so high,” Dent said. “He’s going to have a problem after he’s finished playing – personality-wise – if he doesn’t get to where he wants to be.”

Seems like everyone has an opinion about Cam Newton these days.

[H/T USA Today]

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