This NFL ‘Hardest Hits Of All Time’ Compilation Is Proof That Football’s The Greatest Sport On The Planet

It’s Thursday afternoon and that means we’re just a few short hours away from Thursday Night Football on ESPN. In between putting together the daily ‘Best Damn Photos‘ pic dump for you bros I’ve been checking and re-checking my fantasy football lineup, and as of now it looks like I’ll be losing head-to-head matches in all three leagues (at least I have beer to cheer me up). The NFL‘s not about ‘fantasy’ stats though, and I don’t mean to imply that it is.

The best part about Sundays is waking up with that tiny glimmer of hope that Jameis and my Tampa Bay Buccaneers might pull out a win. It’s a clean slate each week…for the players that get to make it onto the field. In that clip above (GIFs below) we get to see some very serious neurological damage inflicted on the most finely tuned athletes in the world, athletes who might’ve not been back the week after sustaining some of these hits:

Good lord. It’s a miracle that these dudes ever stand up. I’d be shattered into a thousand pieces in no time.