One NFL Head Coach Reportedly Has A Burner Account On Twitter

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Getty Image / Budrul Chukrut

With the way fans come after athletes and coaches on social media these days, some have taken to creating burner accounts to defend themselves from the discourse on their performance.

In the past, we’ve even seen NBA superstar Kevin Durant use a burner to chime in on Twitter.

Now it turns out there may be an NFL coach using a burner.

The Athletic’s Jay Morrison reported on the “Hear That Growl” podcast that Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor uses a burner account on Twitter.

There are plenty of NFL coaches out there who could probably use burner accounts. Some had teams that were just plain awful last year. Some had teams with big expectations for the 2022 season that they fell short of.

If there’s one coach in the NFL who probably doesn’t actually need a burner account on Twitter right now, it’s Zac Taylor.

Taylor’s first couple of years as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals were rough. He took over a struggling franchise and he only won 2 games in year 1.

Then the Bengals drafted Joe Burrow and there were immediate improvements. The teams win total jumped to 4 in spite of Burrow missing the last 6 games of the season because of a torn ACL.

Since that season, it has been smooth sailing for Taylor and the Bengals.

In his 3rd year in charge, they won 10 games, won the AFC North, and made it to the Super Bowl. Year 4 saw the Bengals win 12 games and the AFC North and nearly brought home another AFC Championship Game win, but fell just short against the Chiefs.

There isn’t much reason for Taylor to be facing the kind of scrutiny that would require him to fire back at Twitter users with a burner.

As long as he has Joe Burrow throwing to Ja’Marr Chase, it seems unlikely he’ll need to use that burner any time soon.