If Every NFL Team Were A Character On ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Who Would They Be?

The Game of Thrones is a fucking cutthroat sport. It’ll beat you up, chew you to pieces, spit you out, and that’s if you’re lucky. Usually, it’ll just kill you.

I can honestly only think of one other things as ruthless and as brutal as trying to rule Westeros: The fucking NFL.

A hit from a linebacker is probably no less painful than a sword blow from the Hound. Perhaps even worse.

That’s why our friends at UPROXX reimagined every NFL team as a character from A Song of Ice And Fire.

You can see all 32 here, but a few of our favorites are below.

Denver Broncos: Khal Drogo

San Diego Chargers: Bronn The Sellsword

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jorah Mormont

Houston Texas: Davos Seaworth

Cincinnati Bengals: Robb Stark

Buffalo Bills: Robb Stark

Pittsburgh Steelers: Stannis Baratheon

See the rest of the teams here.