Matt Ryan On The Past 18 Months: ‘It Was A S— Show’

Matt Ryan

Stephen Maturen/Getty Image

Former NFL quarterback Matt Ryan opened up about what he described as an eventful and challenging “18-month s— show.” in an interview with The Athletic’s Josh Kendall.

Currently, Ryan is gearing up for a new broadcasting career with CBS. Despite his unexpected departure from the NFL, he hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of returning to the league.

The narrative of Ryan’s storied NFL career took an unexpected twist when he was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Indianapolis Colts prior to the start of the 2022 season.

The trade marked the end of Ryan’s 14-year tenure with the Falcons, a franchise he had become synonymous with over the years.

In his conversation with Kendall, Ryan reflected on the tumultuous period surrounding his departure and transition. “I mean, it was a s— show, you know, it was a s— show of 18 months basically is the best way to describe it,” Ryan expressed.

Despite his focus on his broadcasting career with CBS, Ryan hinted that he hasn’t entirely closed the door on a potential NFL return.

“I’m staying in shape,” Ryan revealed. “I think it is kind of, ‘You know my number. You know where I’m at.’ If anything were to come up, you know, we’ll see. (CBS) is where my focus is at right now. But we’ll see how the season shakes out.”

Despite his legacy with the Falcons, which included ten 4,000 yard passing seasons, Ryan’s single season with the Colts was marked by challenges.

Ryan achieved a record of 4-7-1 as a starter, throwing 14 touchdowns alongside 13 interceptions. His performance led to a mid-season benching, only to be reinstated as the starter in November under interim head coach Jeff Saturday.

As Matt Ryan embarks on his broadcasting journey with CBS, he seems to keep the door open for a potential NFL return.