Apparently These NFL Teams Have The Most Annoying Fans In Football

Listen, this poll is far from scientific, but our friends over at The Chive are conducting a survey to find out what NFL team boasts the most annoying fans, and so far it’s racked up close to 80,000 votes by my count, so that’s a pretty damn decent sample size for making determinations. Perfectly representative of what the keyboard/gridiron warriors across America believe.

The people have spoken, and the Seattle Seahawks currently sit atop the list as the most annoying fans in the NFL, with more than 8,800 votes currently against their name. This picture combined with you screaming “12thhhhhh maaaannnnnn” explains why.

Close on the Seahawks’ heels at number two are the New England Patriots, which is pretty unsurprising given the “Masshole” reputation, and their astonishing propensity to brag about winning four Super Bowls since the turn of the millennium.

Ask pretty much anyone in NFC East territory and the Dallas Cowboys would be atop this list, but apparently not everyone despises Cowboys fans as much as me, so they round out the top three.

Another team with a fan base that never fails to remind you of their Super Bowl victories (“you know, like Six-burgh LOL”) Pittsburgh Steelers fans find themselves at number four on the list.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan myself, I can’t believe we’re ranked this low. Far as I’m concerned, I thought we were public enemy #1. Number five feels like a blessing given our terrible reputation in the media’s eyes, and REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME WE THREW SNOWBALLS AT SANTA! Of course you do.

Despite being possibly the most irrelevant team in the NFL throughout the last decade, the Oakland Raiders fan-base still cling to their sinking ship of a franchise with as much hope (read: despair) as possible. Unfortunately, this is likely the only list anywhere that finds them seeded within the Top 10, as they clock in at number six.

Honestly, I have no idea how Green Bay Packers fans aren’t number 32 on the list. From what I’ve seen, they’re like the nicest people ever. It’s a Midwestern thing. But still, seventh most annoying fan base in the NFL as voted by the people. But please tell me how the picture below is annoying in any way. You can’t.

Even more so than Eagles fans, New York Jets fans love to spell out their franchise’s name. Luckily for them, it’s only four letters. Unless you’re a Jets fan, you hate hearing it. Annoying AF and landing them at number eight.

Stop stabbing people, San Francisco 49ers fans! It’s getting pretty annoying. Annoying enough to sneak you in the Top 10 at number nine.

New Orleans Saints fans are annoying? I didn’t know. But Lil’ Wayne rapping about them usually is, so it gives some credence to round out the Top 10.

Personally, I voted for the Giants, who, coincidentally enough find themselves at number 11. Can’t stand G-Men fans almost as much as I can’t stand Eli Manning’s face or the fact that he has two Super Bowl rings. Sorry for ranting. Just kidding, I’m not. Cue the “Giants suck” chants!

Click here to cast your own vote and see the Chive’s comprehensive list of all 32 NFL fan-bases ranked by annoyance.

[via The Chive]