Patriots Fan Hilariously Gets Denied Trying To Get On TV Before Eagles/Buccaneers Playoff Game (Video)

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  • NFL Network set up a live shot outside of the NFC Wild Card game between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay on Sunday and the fans were ready to roll.
  • However, when a Tom Brady fan tried to get some screen time, the Eagles fans were QUICK to deny him.
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No matter how divided the world may get, the one thing that everybody can agree on is that Patriots fans have had their time in the spotlight. New England and Tom Brady were so dominant for so many years, that it’s time for someone else to take a turn.

Well, that’s exactly what happened on Saturday morning.

Prior to the Buccaneers hosting the Eagles for the NFC Wild Card game, NFL Network went live outside of Raymond James Stadium. Behind Willie McGinest and Colleen Wolfe’s live shot, a crowd gathered with the two fanbases split almost perfectly in half.

Philadelphia fans were on the left, and Tampa Bay fans were on the right. As it should be.

However, a New England fan had other ideas. As Wolfe and McGinest were discussing their “X-factor” for the game, a man wearing a Tom Brady jersey wandered into the shot.

Upon arrival, a sunglasses-clad Eagles fan in an offensive line jersey put a quick stop to the video bomb. He immediately stuck his arm out and pushed the Patriots fan out of the shot. Fake Brady never stood a chance.

The entire exchange is hilarious. The Philly fans identified what the Pats fan was doing before he even entered the frame and turned to him with disconcerting looks. When he steps in front of the camera, it is immediate denial. The New England fan’s face is priceless.

To top it all off, Wolfe turned back to the fans, unaware of what had just played out, and asked for an Eagles chant. The sunglasses-wearing Philadelphian was quick to oblige and yelled right in Wolfe’s ear. It was glorious.