The NFL Just Had A Month Without A Player Arrested And Its Been A LONG Time Since That Happened

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Things haven’t been going too great for Roger Goodell and the NFL in recent years–you know, with that whole Deflategate thing going on and the insane amounts of arrests over the past few seasons, giving the league an ugly image in the eyes of some in the public.

But, REJOICE, because September was the first month since 2009—yep, six years—in which not one single player was arrested.


Maybe it’s just the two cups of coffee that I’ve had to drink today, but, in my opinion, that’s an absolutely insane statistic to hear. With nearly 1,700 active players staying out of trouble for 30 days, Goodell actually has something to smile at and puff his chest out to.

Don’t worry, Rog, there’s still three months left in the season for these millionaire athletes to wreak some havoc, so don’t go getting all full of yourself quite yet.

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