NFL Teams’ Opinions Reportedly All Over The Place On One Quarterback Prospect

NFL logo on football field

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Early on in this year’s NFL offseason, there appears to be much more confidence in the incoming quarterback class than last year.

While only one QB was taken in the first two round last year, there are as many as 4 being projected in this year’s top 10.

Even with there being much more confidence in this year’s class overall, there are some major questions about individual QBs.

In particular, there seems to be a pretty wide range of outcomes for one QB who is projected for round 1 this year.

Anthony Richardson is a very raw prospect who struggled at Florida, but could be selected early based on his potential.

Today, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler revealed that there is a huge variety of opinions on Richardson around the NFL.

Where you project Richardson in this year’s draft depends entirely on what you believe he can become. His career at Florida doesn’t exactly scream “top-10 pick”.

In his second season in college, he was stuck on the bench behind Emory Jones, who was benched by Arizona State this past season and then transferred for the 2nd year in a row.

In year 3, he became the full-time starter, but it wasn’t the most impressive year. He threw for just 17 touchdowns all year and had 4 games where he completed less than 50% of his passes.

However, he was dangerous with his legs. He ran for 654 yards and 9 touchdowns for the Gators.

He has one dimension of his game where he is clearly elite, but what he becomes in the NFL will largely depend on how he develops the rest of his game.

If Richardson improves as a passer, he could be tough to stop, but if he doesn’t, the team that drafts him could end up regretting the pick.

He will be one of the NFL Draft‘s biggest gambles wherever he ends up.