ESPN’s Getting Dogged Hard AF For Their Results Of An NFL Re-Draft With Every Current Player Available

ESPN ran an NFL re-draft with every player available and people on Twitter couldn't stop laughing

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It seems like every year there’s some sort of NFL re-draft where analysts and journalists sit down to re-do the entire NFL Draft from scratch, offering up other picks for teams to start some sort of healthy debate. While it often involves the same players from a certain draft class — i.e. – Patrick Mahomes going No. 1 overall in 2017 — ESPN recently did something a little bit more unique to get fans to talk about football.

Instead of just focusing on a specific year, writers and editors over at the Worldwide Leader decided to do an NFL re-draft where the draft order from 2020 stayed the same, but every single current player was available. That means that, instead of the Cincinnati Bengals drafting Joe Burrow No. 1 overall as they did this year, they’d have any player in the league at their disposal.

Look, we’ve seen this fantasy draft sort of thing play out in a video game like Madden, but what would it look like in real life? ESPN tried to show us, so take a look at the results below.

It’s hard to argue with some of those results, but there are certainly some questionable decisions on there for the mock first-round of this NFL re-draft by ESPN.

Mahomes would obviously go No. 1 overall.

Aaron Donald would probably be the first defensive player off the board in real life.

There’d be a slew of quarterbacks going to teams since, you know, that’s the most important position in the sport.

But don’t overlook some of the more eye-popping decisions of this re-draft ESPN put together. Among them? How in the hell is Drew Lock taken No. 15 overall? Or how about Jimmy Garoppolo being picked ahead of all-world wide receiver Michael Thomas. Or how there’s only one running back (Christian McCaffrey) taken in the first-round, leaving off a guy like Ezekiel Elliott, among others.

While ESPN tried something fun to get football fans talking, people on Twitter weren’t having some of the results of this re-draft, and they made sure they voiced their displeasure online. Take a look below at some of the beefs fans had with the fake results.

Doing an NFL re-draft is hard enough, but doing one where every single player is available is even harder. I mean, do you go off pedigree or go off the potential of future success? Hell, I tried breaking down the top-25 current NBA players to start a franchise with and that was difficult AF — so doing a fantasy draft with the entire NFL had to be even more of a challenge. Based off of the anger some fans had with the results of ESPN’s re-draft, it proved to be a little bit tougher than probably originally thought.