Dan Snyder Is The Only Reason That New Washington Commanders Owner Josh Harris Will Get Sale Approved

Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder

Getty Image / Rob Tringali

Washington Commanders fans have been suffering for over two decades now under the hands of one of the worst owners in sports, Dan Snyder. But, that is finally coming to an end.

Dan Snyder bought the team prior to the 1999 season, and the Commanders haven’t really been a Super Bowl contender since. In the meantime, the team has had a number of scandals, from the handling of Robert Griffin III, to workplace harassment, to the team’s former nickname, as well as drama around a potential new stadium.

But, Commanders fans are going to be rid of Dan Snyder, as Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris has reached an agreement to buy the team.

But, according to a report by ProFootballTalk, Harris would not be getting approved via the other NFL owners if not for the disdain they have for Snyder.

The Washington Post shares this opinion from an unnamed person familiar with the sale process (yes, that’s rather broad and vague): “if not for the other owners’ strong desire to remove Snyder from the league, the Harris deal probably would not be approved without some revisions.”

One issue is the raw size of the proposed group of limited partners. They each have to be properly vetted by the league. That will slow things down, at a minimum.

This issue and others make it unlikely that the deal will ready for approval when owners meet later this month.

I’m sure Commanders fans are very thankful that ultimately, Dan Snyder is not allegedly not well-liked and the owners want him out.