NFL Security Practices Taking Down Field Rushers, Is Kind Of Hilarious

by 4 years ago


It’s always hilarious when at a sporting event and some jackass thinks that they’ll strip down and run onto the field to interrupt the game, giving the fans in attendance a good laugh as he or she tries to avoid security taking them down—or even worse, a player.

With so many unexpected instances of field-rushers over the years—including the dude from the Super Bowl some years back—security at the games needs to make sure they know what in the hell they’re doing when something like this happens.

And, just like our favorite teams go to training camp, so, too, do security guards.

That was proven today by the Atlanta Falcons security team, who actually mocked up a field-rushing predicament and chased the fake culprit around to prep for the upcoming NFL season.

// mean, I know practice makes perfect and all, but is this really that necessary? Apparently, yes, because the strategy by the Falcons’ guards seemed to work, as they successfully wrangled in the intruder.


Keep on keeping on, ATL, I salute the hard work it takes to bring down a presumably drunken and out of shape fan each and every Sunday during game day.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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