The NFL Roasted Tony Romo On Its Twitter, Then Quickly Deleted The Tweet


At 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon, the NFL’s Twitter account sent out the above tweet roasting Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. But, it was quickly deleted without explanation, and soon replaced with another tweet featuring different content. As to why whoever working the NFL’s social media pulled the tweet, well, your guess is as good as mine. Should’ve left it up, because clearly Tony Romo’s goofy face was racking up the RTs. That’s good for the brand, right?

As you can see, it appears the NFL’s tweets come out in scheduled intervals, as the Romo one did at 4:00pm, so the one that replaced it on the NFL’s feed at 4:08pm sticks out like a sore thumb.







So Goodell pretty much has to bring an independent investigator in to get to the bottom of this now, right? #ROMOGATE

h/t Tim MacMahon

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