Subtle Shots Fired: NFL Brilliantly Trolls Tom Brady And Patriots On Twitter

by 4 years ago


Social managers for professional sports teams tease each other on Twitter all the time. It’s usually harmless fun (Unless you suggest shooting the team’s mascot) with back-and-forth banter between two competing teams that is entertaining for both fan bases. However, we’ve never seen a league’s Twitter go after one of their own franchises… Until last night.

At 1 a.m. on Thursday morning, the NFL’s official Twitter account sent out a link for a video of NFL head coaches speaking about the attributes needed to be a franchise quarterback. It included such traits as intangibles, ability, arm strength, accuracy, precision, intelligence, toughness and leadership. There was also a photo of Andrew Luck.


Of all of the possible characteristics to highlight, they just so happened to select “Precision, Strength and Intelligence,” in that order. What a weird cowinky-dink, that’s P.S.I., which is also the acronym for pound per square inch, like as in the 13 psi that is supposed to be in an official NFL football.

What a perfectly subtle, yet absolutely brilliant troll about Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and DeflateGate.


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