NFL Writer Peter King Gets Called Out For Implying That Black Players Are Savages For Criticizing Drew Brees Following Anthem Comments

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NFL writer Peter King has found himself in some hot water over an analogy he used to defend Drew Brees following last week’s anthem controversy.

In his “Football Morning In America” column, King described the backlash over Brees’ anthem-kneeling comments as something out of “Lord of the Flies.”

As one person close to Brees told me, the social-media rip jobs reminded him of ‘Lord of the Flies.’ In that book, normal British boys get stranded on a desert island and have to fend for themselves, and they spiral into savagery to survive. Sounds about right.”

King describing the backlash from black players as “savagery” didn’t sit well with many on social media.

King later apologized for using the “Lord of the Flies” analogy.

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