Nick Kyrgios’ Tesla Stolen At Gunpoint With His Mom Driving And He Cleverly Used Tech To Get It Back

Nick Kyrgios and his mother Norlaila Kyrgios

Getty Image / Scott Barbour

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios‘ bright lime green Tesla Model X was stolen at gunpoint in Canberra, Australia on Monday while his mother was driving the vehicle.

According to reports from Australia, the carjacker pulled a gun on Kyrgios’ mother and then demanded she tells him how to drive the vehicle because he was unfamiliar with driving a Tesla.

It was at that point, according to ABC News Australia, that Nick Kyrgios’ mother Norlaila was able to run away causing the driver to then take off.

After quickly getting in contact with her son and the police, Nick Kyrgios was then able to fire up the Tesla app on his smartphone and help the cops catch the suspect. He tracked the vehicle and limited the top speed at 50 miles per hour, all from his phone.

Using Nick Kyrgios’ help, police found the vehicle and ‘approached it with their guns drawn’ but the driver took off.

Shortly afterward, the driver entered a school zone and police stopped pursuing out of concern for the safety of children in that area.

But Nick Kyrigos still had the Tesla app tracking his vehicle and limiting the speed. So he was able to guide the police to the Tesla Model X’s location.

Tracking the car’s location, police created a blockade and stopped the vehicle as it approached them, and forced the driver out of the car before tasing him after he reportedly resisted arrest.

In total, the police chase lasted about 30 minutes according to reports.

This isn’t the first time that Nick Kyrgios’ Tesla Model X has been in the news.

Last year, a neighbor called out Nick Kyrgios on a neighborhood Facebook page for his parking. They wrote “I don’t want to name and shame the guy but he’s very famous and parks in this car share space almost nightly.”

Kyrgios later apologized. He said in a clip on IG “I’ve parked in the right spot, I’ve made amends. Sorry for my inconvenient parking for one day, I’ve parked in the right spot. We’re in the middle of an NRL season guys so let’s talk about other sporting athletes, not where I’m parking… it’s all good now.”