Nick Saban’s Angry Tirade Toward Officials Doesn’t Bode Well For Alabama Players

Nick Saban lost his mind on the officials during Alabama's game against USF
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Nick Saban lost his first-ever home game by double digits against Texas last weekend and Alabama did not look like the dynasty that has dominated college football over the last decade+. As a result, the greatest head coach of all-time made a change at quarterback.

The move didn’t help.

Tyler Buchner got the start on Saturday as the Crimson Tide traveled east for a rare non-conference road game against the South Florida Bulls. He struggled early and often.

Saban added Ty Simpson into the mix at the end of the first half but that didn’t help much either. Alabama scored just three points through the first 30 minutes and both quarterbacks were a combined 5-of-17 for 34 yards after two quarters of play.

Its fanbase was down bad, but USF also scored just three points so the visitors were still very much in the game and actually took a 10-7 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Nick Saban presumably let loose on his players.

Not only did Saban get a chance to make some adjustments at halftime, a weather delay allowed him the opportunity to get on his guys early in the first half. He was pissed.

And if how he came back out of the locker room was any indication, there was no holding back. Saban was out for blood when the team returned from the lightning-forced break and immediately took it out on the officials.

It is unclear as to what exactly set him off. However, if that was how Saban went after the officials, one can only imagine what he said to his players during the weather delay and at the half. Lord have mercy.

And then there’s the postgame ass chewing… hooooooo boy.

Knowing Saban, he might not say anything at all to his players after the game and hold it all for Monday. Hopefully he got it all out on the officials. Hopefully.