BREAKING: For The First Time Ever, Nick Saban Is Now The Proud Owner Of His Own Email Address

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Nick Saban has posted a record of 152-23 and won five national titles in his 12 full seasons as Alabama’s head football coach and he did it all without having email.

In an interview with ESPN’s Maria Taylor on Instagram Live, Saban said that the big cancel has forced him to finally create his own email account. Saban is a 68-year-old man that makes almost $9 million per year as the head coach of the Crimson Tide, in case you weren’t keeping up here.

Apparently, Saban’s wife was in charge of taking care of all electronic communication. One would imagine that Saban’s email address is an absolute dumpster fire, but somehow he convinced his wife to take control of the account until now.

It turns out that his wife, Terry, has fired Saban and he’s had to create his own account and keep up with emails all by his lonesome.

We’re talking about a guy that back in 2014 said he doesn’t even send text messages, so this news shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone. The fact that he didn’t even look at his email or have an actual account is almost weird in a way though.

I for one am proud of Miss. Terry for stepping up and letting Saban know who’s boss after all these years.

According to a Wall Street Journal story from 2014, Saban said his wife “gets 387 emails” when the two get away for a weekend. “She spends the next day answering 387 emails. I spend the next day hopefully doing something that’s more productive. If you don’t send any, you don’t get any.”

All it took was a global pandemic for Saban to start taking control of his own email.