Nick Sirianni’s Motivational Dog Poop Story Is Legendary, According To AJ Brown

Nick Sirianni

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Nick Sirianni has become known as quite the character since becoming the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, it sounds like he’s chock-full of unique ways to motivate his team. As AJ Brown reveals, Sirianni somehow finds a way to make a dog poop story motivational.

During his appearance on the Raw Room podcast, the Eagles wide receiver shares how much he laughs during meetings. The stories Nick Sirianni and the coaching staff come up apparently have the entire team rolling in laughter.

Here is AJ Brown sharing one of those stories.

Is anybody else ready to run through a brick wall? No? Okay, me neither. But still, that is a wild way to motivate anybody. Let alone a professional football team.

Nick Sirianni definitely is on the unique side of things. He’s a bit unorthodox with his approach. Even so, his team seems to love it, as they back him up 100% on and off the field.

But hey, if it works it works. AJ Brown himself even said that through the hilariousness, Sirianni is able to relay his point across the entire team.

This makes me want to be a fly on the wall in the Eagles’ facility just to hear Nick Sirianni’s crazy motivational speeches. Or better yet, maybe we’ll see him on Hard Knocks one day.