Lakers Fans Can’t Stop Trolling Iggy Azalea After Swaggy P Hit A Game-Winning Three

Remember the Nick Young/Iggny Azaela drama over the summer? Damn that feels like an eternity ago. And now that he’s single, Swaggy P can concentrate on what he’s good at: Hoops.

Pretty incredibly heroics from Swaggy P for the Lakers on Tuesday night. Down a bucket against Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City with five seconds in the game, Nick Young launched an off-balance, game-winning three.

But pay close attention — It’s done in such classic Swaggy P fashion: He stole a pass meant for Lou Williams before throwing up the shot. And let’s be real… “Dude took a vacation with all those steps.”

Still, a W’s a W. And Lakers fans are have a field day pouring salt in the wounds of his ex, Iggy, owner of the self-proclaimed “best vagina in the world“:

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