Nick Young Has No Chill As He Trolls Gilbert Arenas To Get ‘Even’ By Posting Pic With His Ex

Damn, Nick Young just did his former teammate and good buddy Gilbert Arenas dirty as fuck, as he posted a pic onto his Instagram account next to Gil’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Govan.

Writing the caption, “we even lol” and tagging Arenas, Young’s getting back at Gilbert for breaking into his house last week and sabotaging him with questions about his own ex, Iggy Azalea.

What makes this shit so ruthless, though, is that Arenas was so torn up about his break-up with Govan—who’s the mother of one of his kids—that he trashed his own cars and put the whole thing on video last year.

Arenas, who’s a pretty big troll in his own right, has already responded with his own dig at Young about Azalea, posting this onto his IG.

Something tells me that this isn’t the end of this little game these two dudes’ are playing with one another. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end with one banging the other’s ex for a “victory,” we don’t need anymore Derek Fisher-Matt Barnes type drama.

[H/T Complex]

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