Prominent NFL Bro Says There’s ‘No Doubt’ Tom Brady Serves Suspension This Season, So My Fantasy Team Is Screwed



Silly us, we thought that whole Deflategate stuff was over after Tom Brady won the case against the NFL over his four game suspension and has gone out KILLIN’ it so far this season—making people try to forget about all that shit that happened during the offseason.

Turns out, the flame may be burning a little higher here soon.

While you’d think the league would do anything in its power to just bury the hatchet on this—especially when considering it involves the reigning NFL champs and one of the best quarterbacks in league history—when mega egos are involved, no one just concedes with the white flag.

And, according to a new report that came out this morning, Brady might not get away without sitting out a few games, after all.

Speaking on his radio show, “Boomer and Carton,” WFAN host Craig Carton said that he spoke to a “very influential NFL person” yesterday and that the guy believed Brady would IN FACT serve a suspension at some point this NFL season, even saying, “there’s no doubt in my mind.”

Damn, bro, those are some BOLD words.

Here’s what else Carton’s co-host, Boomer Esiason, had to add:

“What this person doesn’t realize is that they all felt the same way prior to Judge Berman’s ruling. But what they didn’t know is that Judge Berman was going out to The Hamptons to hang out with (Patriots owner) Bob Kraft.

I don’t buy it. I know they want to expedite an appeal, but there’s so many other things on the docket at these courts. Is this really that important to somebody? I know it’s important to the NFL.”

Now, this could all just be bullshit being blown up our asses because, let’s face it, talking Tom Brady and the Pats will ALWAYS generate attention. But, if it’s true that Tom Terrific will miss some games this year, not only will the NFL and opposing defenses rejoice, but my fantasy football team will be completely screwed.

For that reason, and that reason only, let’s hope Brady remains on the field.

[H/T CBS New York]