This Dude Is A Real-Life Iron Man, Watch Him Fly Around Like Tony Stark On A Flyboard

by 4 years ago

YouTube / FlyCaptain

Seeing as how this video’s already over 2 months old and still has less than 2,000 views (though I think that number will change after posting this) chances are none of you bros were glued in to the NAFBC 2015 Flyboard Championship. Furthermore, I highly doubt that any of you bros caught champion Damone Rippy’s winning Flyboard run (routine? performance?). That’s why I’m stoked to share it with you all today, because this is some acrobatic skill straight out of Marvel’s Iron Man. As far as extreme sports go, Flyboard is both relatively unknown AND on a whole different level.

ATTENTION: Before you hit play on this video I want you to either turn your speakers down or put them on mute, because there’s a ‘WOO GIRL’ holding the camera and filming the action that just might ruin it for you.

And here’s some more of the action broken down into animated GIFs, because I know you bros love GIFs:

Seriously, how much better would that video have been if there wasn’t a girl in the background screaming ‘WOOOOO’ at the top of her lungs the entire time that she was filming? And now I have something I need to share with you bros.

Bros, I’m almost embarrassed to admit where I found this video. I want so badly not to give credit to where this came from, because this dude’s Flyboard skills are straight up badass, but where I found the video, well, that’s no so badass. I was scrolling through Facebook late last night when I saw that my very own mother shared this to her timeline, and clicked thinking there’s no way it’d be as interesting as the thumbnail. Low and behold, I was wrong, and for the first time in the history of Facebook my own mother shared something worth sharing with you bros (instead of the typical ‘shared this because…’ that mothers usually share). So, mom, thanks for sharing.

[FlyCaptain YouTube Channel]

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