A Highway Sign In North Carolina Is Making Panthers Fans Think The Football Gods Have Predicted The Super Bowl Winner

A highway sign on the state road 16 in North Carolina is getting a hell of a lot of attention today, as a photo’s getting passed around the Interwebs by Panthers fans who believe that the football gods are telling them a sign of their own—that Cam Newton and his squad will be winning Super Bowl 50.

With Newton, N.C. sitting about 23 miles from Denver, N.C., at one point, the sign indicates to travelers the distance to both.

While Newton might be further away, for superstitious Panthers fan who read it like a scoreboard, it sure appears as if it’s an indication of the final tally in Super Bowl 50 this weekend—or so they hope.

Sports brings out the craziest in people, but if this works, no one will ever question it.

[H/T SB Nation]

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