Six Notre Dame Football Players Arrested For A Litany Of Charges That Include Possession Of A Handgun

Half of the reason I’m into Notre Dame is because of Rudy. I feel that by rooting for the Fighting Irish I’m kind of keeping the legend of the off-sides terror alive. I can’t be chanting Rudy’s name if I don’t also cheer for the team that dominated his dreamscape. However, I’m pretty sure that Rudy wouldn’t support his teammates being arrested for drugs and weapon possession.

Or a sixth player who got arrested for hitting a cop in an unrelated incident.

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the end of the month and these cops are out here trying to make their monthly ticket quota. 13 miles of over the speed limit is bananaland. That’s just cops scraping the bottom of the barrell to get a few extra bucks from anyone they can. I bet they really just needed (wanted…?) a new couch for the employee lounge and stumbled upon a hot bed of fines. It’s like buying a $20 scratch-off and hauling in a couple million. In all reality, though, these guys are all fucking expelled. Notre Dame essentially has a no-strike policy. Namely, if they do anything that goes against the belief system of the university, they’re gone. Get arrested? Don’t wash your hands after taking a shit? Do the fuck with that hot girl that lives upstairs? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.