Shirtless Nuggets Fans Gives Legendary Interview After Chugging Beer A Player Tossed Him During Parade

Beer tossed during Denver Nuggets victory parade

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Nikola Jokić may not have been looking forward to the parade the city of Denver organized to celebrate the Nuggets winning their first NBA title in franchise history, but hundreds of thousands of people were predicted to descend upon the Mile High City on Thursday to celebrate the achievement.

Victory parades have historically been an excuse for teams and their fans to get absolutely plastered while basking in the glory of their championship, and it’s safe to say this particular gathering was no exception.

Nuggets head coach Michael Malone seemed more than happy to use the occasion to treat himself  (and some spectators along the route) to the champagne that was flowing very freely during the procession, but that was far from the only adult beverage that was being consumed.

You also had to keep your head on a swivel for the cans of beer that were being thrown at (and from) the vehicles the team was riding on, although Kentavious Caldwell-Pope made a brief pit stop when he hopped off of a fire truck and engaged in an electric chug-off with a guy behind a barrier.

Christian Braun, on the other hand, apparently spread the love by tossing some cans into the crowd, and even though the Nuggets were this year’s NBA champions, I’d argue the real winner of the entire affair was the guy who gave us an interview for the ages after snagging a brew the rookie chucked his way.

The fan in question was  a shirtless bro named Isaiah who provided a KMGH reporter with a slightly profane play-by-play of what unfolded when he snagged the can of Coors Braun threw his way before crushing what he described as the “one of the best beers I’ve ever had in my life.”

You love to see it.

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