Nuggets Fan Does Interview To Claim He Didn’t Get Beat Up By ‘Suns In 4’ Guy Despite Clear Video Evidence

  • On week ago Suns fan Nick McKellar went viral after beating up a Nuggets fan who poured beer on his head
  • The Nuggets fan has since come forward to do an interview in which he claims he didn’t get beat up by McKellar
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The Nuggets fan in the infamous “Suns in 4” video has come forward to defend himself and it’s not going well for him.

Last week, a video went viral showing Suns fan Nick McKellar beating down a Nuggets fan who poured beer on his head.

After the fight, the Nuggets fan in the video tried to claim victory despite the fact that everyone had seen get his ass kicked on video.

This week the Nuggets fan did an interview to claim that he didn’t really get beat up by “Suns in 4” while still rocking bruises and cuts on his face from the fight.

“When he went to yank my chain he scratched my nose…if you ever get in a fight and you get socked on your nose with a hard one then you’re goig to have black eyes. Obviously I don’t have black eyes. He just scratched my nose, and everyone is acting like I got demolished…he didn’t demolish me.”

The Nuggets fan was immediately mocked for his latest interview about what he claims went down during the fight.