Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. Receives Backlash From Other NBA Players After Asking People To Pray For Police Officers Involved in George Floyd’s Death

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On Tuesday video surfaced of a police officer in Minnesota pinning down George Floyd to the ground with his knee in an incident that sparked street protests and a federal investigation.

Four police officers at the scene were fired and Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey is calling for charges to be filed against the officer who pinned Floyd down in the video.


“What I can say with certainty, based on what I saw, is that … the officer who had his knee on the neck of George Floyd should be charged

The officer’s action were widely condemned by several prominent athletes including LeBron James, JJ Watt and Steph Curry.

On Wednesday, Nuggers guard Michael Porter Jr. went on Twitter and asked people to pray for the police officers involved in Floyd’s death.

Porter immediately received backlash from fans and other NBA players for his tweet.

Man go sit yo young Privileged ass down. . Either u with us or against us. @MPJr not now bruh fuk dat. Rest Easy Twin I don’t have a prob with u Youngin ain’t no time for that. Easy to say that nobody dying close to u. Pick a side.

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