Nikola Jokic Causes Traffic Jam Dancing In The Streets And Is Having The Best Summer Ever

Nikola Jokic

Getty Image / Srdjan Stevanovic

Since winning the NBA Finals, Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic has been having the time of his life.

After being seen living it up in the club and the horse track, Jokic is now causing traffic jams with his sick dance moves.

Top Sports shared a couple of videos of Nikola Jokic and teammate Aaron Gordon dancing in the streets while a live marching band played music.

You can also hear someone honking their horn. Apparently, they have somewhere to go. Somebody also pulls Jokic off of the street.

Now here’s an angle where Jokic and Gordon are dancing together. Jokic is having way too much fun this summer.

This might be the most fun I’ve ever seen someone have after winning an NBA championship. Also, it’s pretty awesome that Aaron Gordon visited him in Serbia too.

Luckily for Nikola Jokic, he can keep dancing it up for a little bit longer, as the 2023-24 season doesn’t tip off until late October.

If the Nuggets can go back-to-back, there’s no telling what Jokic will do next summer. But they’ll have to stay on top of their game next season.

Denver will have plenty of competition. Especially considering the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors made big moves this offseason.

Regardless, Jokic doesn’t have a care in the world right now and I just wish I could join in on the fun. Who wouldn’t want to dance in the streets and cause a traffic jam with Nikola Jokic? Sign me up!