Watch NXT Performer Ridge Holland Suffer A Gruesome Ankle Injury After A Match

NXT Ridge Holland Leg Injury

NXT / YouTube

NXT star Ridge Holland underwent successful surgery yesterday after suffering a horrific lower leg injury after a match with Danny Burch.

WWE announced that Holland dislocated and broke his ankle and dislocated and ruptured his patellar tendon while trying to catch wrestler Oney Lorcan, who dove to the outside, on top of Holland.

Here’s a closer look:

Heel By Nature is reporting that Holland’s knee “was put back in place ringside, while his ankle was cared for at the ER following the injury.”

After receiving medical attention at the arena, cameras showed Holland being taken away on a stretcher. He gave a thumbs-up on his way out to show he was OK.

Holland debuted with NXT in August.

[via Heel By Nature]


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