NYC FC Unveils World’s Smallest MLS Championship Banner That Is So Hilariously Tiny It’s Hard To Believe

Getty Image

New York City Football Club finished its 2021 campaign with a penalty-kick victory over Portland in the MLS Cup. After winning the Major League Soccer title, the team unveiled its championship banner during the home opener of the 2022 season.

It could not be more underwhelming.

As the team took the pitch in a snowy Yankee Stadium on Saturday, a group of fans stood in the upper deck in front of a cloth that hung over the ledge. Very excited, they proceeded to pull back the cloth and reveal the championship banner.

It did not even cover the full railing and stretched maybe five feet in either direction.

While it looked small to begin with, it looks even smaller when put into perspective. NYCFC is currently playing its home matches at Yankee Stadium until its new stadium is built and the 2021 MLS Cup Champions banner is way up in the upper deck just inside one of the foul poles.

It is miniscule. If you didn’t know that it was there, you genuinely would not notice the banner at all.


Now, to give NYCFC the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was not allowed to hang a bigger banner. Maybe the Yankees said that they could only take up the tiny little corner.

However, even if that is the case — which it probably wasn’t — the club could have gone just a liiiiiittttllleeeee bit bigger, no?

The current banner is laugh out loud funny. It’s just so, so small.