O.J. Simpson’s Friends Let Him Cheat At Golf So There’s Basically Nowhere The Guy Couldn’t Get Away With Murder

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O.J.: Made in America has brought O.J. Simpson back into our lives, for better or worse, and the documentary has received amazing reviews from just about anyone who’s watched the mini-series.

The documentary has chronicled the rise and fall of an American football and movie/TV star, from his days growing up in Los Angeles to the murder trial that polarized the country. It’s also talked about golf. A lot. So much so that Golf Digest put together a list of the most interesting golf facts about “The Juice” that have been revealed in O.J.: Made in America. 

For example, Simpson broke down the color barrier at several golf clubs across the country, golf was part of his community service after a domestic abuse charge in 1989 and the accused loved to doodle golf courses in the middle of his civil trial.

The most telling fact about the acquitted NFL-er was his constant cheating at golf. He basically cheated on almost every hole.

Apparently, O.J. had a bit of a reputation when it came to bending the rules on the course. It got so bad that some of his regular playing partners started hiring a caddie to keep an eye on Simpson. They even had a name for it: “Juice Patrol.”

Despite O.J.’s rep, though, his friends tolerated it, in large part due to Simpson’s charm — something that came up a lot during the documentary. “It was funny,” friend Fred Levinson said. “It was very hard to get mad at him.”

So essentially, they let O.J. get away with murder.

[via Golf Digest]

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