The Oakland A’s Are Getting Dangerously Close To Being Homeless In The Coming Years

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It appears that the Oakland Athletics and owner John Fisher have hit a speed bump, again.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the A’s sent shockwaves through Major League Baseball recently when they announced they were leaving the city of Oakland have 50-plus years and moving to Las Vegas.

The move came amidst news that Oakland would not publicly fund a new stadium for the franchise. It appeared, at first, that Las Vegas would either entirely fund a new ball park or offer Fisher and co. a significant tax break to build one.

That plan hit a snag when state lawmakers did not propose the expected $500 million package involving tax credits and the creation of a special taxation district to help fund stadium construction.

Fisher and the Athletics then explored other options, such as an alternative site for the stadium. But now it seems that plan has also run into issues.

The bill did not come up during part of a four-month legislative session. But it could have been voted on during a separate special session.

“But with backing from Gov. Joe Lombardo, lawmakers could still reconsider a public funding package for the A’s proposed $1.5 billion, 30,000-seat ballpark project on the Las Vegas Strip,” the Nevada Independent reported. “Doing so would require Lombardo to call on lawmakers to reconvene for a special legislative session, for which the governor dictates the agenda, though neither Lombardo’s office nor legislative leadership have confirmed a special session would happen as of late Monday.

“A spokesperson for the governor’s office declined to comment on whether the governor plans to convene a special session for the A’s stadium bill.”

But when it came time for the special session, the new ballpark was not part of the discussions.

The A’s lease of the Oakland Coliseum expires following the 2024 season. And while it’s still likely they sort things out in Las Vegas, it’s also possible the team could find itself homeless in the near future.