Oakland Raiders Fans Are Complete Savages, Brawl In Stands And In Parking Lot Because They’re Raiders Fans

There might not be more terrifying fans in all of sports than those who wear the silver and black of the Oakland Raiders—and that includes the psycho fans in different countries who riot during soccer games like those Chilean people this past weekend.

With a tendency to drink more than they probably should and having to live through over a decade worth of shitty football, when the Raiders were 4-4 earlier this season, there was hope that they might actually make a playoff run—but those have faded after losing four of their past five games.

And rather than just be mad and sulk for a day or two, Raiders fans decided to take their frustration out on one another, first fighting in the stands and then continuing it in the parking lot.


In a related note, I was in the Oakland airport for a quick layover last night after the game and felt like I was going to get my ass handed to me for just looking at someone with a Raiders jersey on, so, yep, these fans are intimidating as fuck—or I’m just a huge wuss.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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