Something Incredible Is Happening To The Raiders This Weekend That Hasn’t Happened To Them In Two Years



You don’t need to be an Oakland Raiders fan to know that the team has sucked serious donkey dick for, well, it seems like forever. No joke, since the team last reached the Super Bowl in 2002—where they got blown out by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—the franchise has been a combined 58-137 and has annually drafted in the top-10.

But things seem to be on the uppity up for the Raiders, with young players like Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper turning out to be, surprise, solid for the squad.

So, go ahead and rejoice, Raiders fans, because for the first time since 2013, your team IS ACTUALLY FAVORED TO WIN A GAME, holding it down as two-point favorites against the Chicago Bears this weekend.

That’s right, according to ESPN’s Bill Williamson, in the past 27 games, Oakland has been the underdog in each one of them, meaning Vegas has never been very exactly optimistic about those in the Black Hole.

In a league where, on any given Sunday, a team should have enough professional talent on the football field to defeat their opposition, the Raiders were never even believed to have much of a chance.

Of course, the last time this happened, Oakland got trounced and allowed seven passing touchdowns in a 49-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but still, they’re playing the Bears this weekend—who punted on EVERY possession this past weekend—so you have to think Oakland has this in the bag, right?

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