Oakley’s Badass POV Commercial Shows How Intense It Is To Be An NFL Player During A Game

Oakley Sunglasses dropped an awesome POV commercial showing the intensity of an NFL game

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Oakley sunglasses just inked a four-deal with the NFL the other day, which will allow players to wear tinted versions of the brand’s “Prizm Clear” shield to protect their eyes. This is big news because a) the NFL had a rule that limited the use of tinted helmet shields — because of course it did, and b) Oakley is now the only exception to that NFL rule, which states that clear shields are “optional” equipment but that “tinted eye shields may be worn only after the league office is supplied with appropriate medical documentation and approval is subsequently granted.”

Since Oakley sunglasses’ “Prizm Clear” shield can be worn by players during games — the first time since the league banned tinted visors in 1998 — the brand came in hard to show fans how badass their product is. And, holy shit, did they do a helluva job doing so, releasing a POV commercial that portrayed the intensity of an NFL game.

Featuring players like reigning league MVP Patrick Mahomes, Pro Bowl receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chargers defensive back Derwin James Jr. — who are all Oakley endorsers — the entire ad brings serious drama, and gives fans a first-person view of what it’s like being on the gridiron each Sunday. Take a look below for the video.

See, told you the Oakley commercial was pretty badass, right? Now you know what it’s like to be inside the helmet of Mahomes, while also understanding what it’s like to knock the snot out of someone as James.

According to AdAge, Oakley and the NFL had been in talks for two years, but the company focused on showing the performance benefits of having the visors on player helmets, which helped ease some concerns from the league.

“Putting something more in front of their faces was definitely a concern we had,” says Nana-Yaw Asamoah, the NFL’s VP of business development. But he described Oakley’s visors as having a “pink hue” that will “still allow the general consumer, the referee, our trainers and healthcare providers on the field to be able to see into players eyes, see into their face masks, even while they are wearing a visor.”

Oakley and the NFL had been in talks for two years, he says. “They were really showing us performance benefits of not just taking down the light transmission of everything that a player is seeing on the field, but really color tuning and helping them from a visual perspective,” Asamoah says. “So that is something that really spoke to us, versus players wanting to wear a darkly tinted visor because they might think it looks cool.”

The Oakley “Prizm Clear” shield may not be mirrored like the late Sean Taylor used to wear while playing for the Miami Hurricanes — which was bad AF — but the partnership at least allows players to add a little swag to their uniforms, while also helping their performance on the field, too.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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