This Chart Shows Just How Awful Anyone’s Chances Of Playing In The NFL Really Are

What are the Odds of Making it to the NFL

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With the NFL regular season FINALLY kicking off this week it seems like a good time to take a look at just how blessed and/or lucky the players we’ll be watching and betting on truly are.

According to Sports Interaction, the people who created this infographic, every year somewhere around 70,000 football players play football for an NCAA team. So you can already see that your chances of making the NFL are pretty slim if you’re a football player.

What’s even more shocking though are the rest of the odds they share like the chances of playing for more than three years, scoring a touchdown, or playing in a Super Bowl and the comparison they make to other rare occurences.

Apologies if you happen to be one of those 70,000 college football players hitting the gridiron this year, because seeing this is really going to burst that bubble you had going.

What are the Odds of Making the NFL

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